What Is Keratin Treatment?

Keratin treatments are professional smoothing treatments. All treatments are performed in-salon by professional stylist.

Keratin Smoothing treatments repair damage and breakage, reduce frizz, curl and unruly flyaways, and make the hair smoother and healthier-looking. They also prevent humidity, which is the main cause of frizz, from impacting the hair.

This blog will tell you everything you need to know when deciding to have a keratin.

1. Know What You’re Asking For

A lot of different salons use different names for various Keratin Treatments, and it can confuse the customer. Therefore, you should know the two options.

The Keratin Smoothing Treatment that we offer at Trois on Allen is a smoothing treatment which helps to tame the frizz and helps in the humidity while also keeping the curl or wave in your hair. However, if you are wanting to get rid of the curl or wave in your hair our Keratin Treatment can still help as it speeds up the drying and styling time.

2. Understand What You’re Getting

All the Keratin smoothing treatments make your hair more manageable.

However, there are two different types of Keratin Treatments that are available through the brand Keratin Complex, one being Express Blowout and the other being Natural Keratin Smoothing Treatment. Both services are similar in the process but one takes slightly longer than the other one. The Express Blowout is a shorter process, hence the name Express, and lasts up to 6 weeks and the Natural Keratin Smoothing Treatment lasts up to 4 months

So, understand that aspect in detail & then, opt for the right treatment.

3. You Need To Make Some Sacrifices

For any hair treatment, patience & sacrifice is the key.

When opting for more complex Keratin Hair treatment as in the Natural Keratin Smoothing Treatment, you can’t wash your hair for up to 72 hours and must be prepared to keep your hair down and straight to help increase the longevity of your Keratin. However if you opt into having the Express Blowout, you can’t wash your hair for up to 8 hours and again must be prepared to keep your hair down and straight to increase the longevity of your new Keratin.

If you’re going for hair color, the recommended time to colour your hair after getting a Keratin  is 2 weeks after, however you can get a colour done any time beforehand even right before on the same day.   

4. The Time and Price May Vary

There is no way to tell how much your keratin hair treatment will cost as it all depends on your Hair Type & Hair Length as the price is determined by how much product is used.

It also depends on the which treatment you opt for as one is more expensive and is a longer process. Therefore, it is important to do your research in advance & know which service is you are going to go for.

5. The Time-Saving Factor

If your hair is naturally straight, then keratin treatment will reduce your Blow Drying time by 40-60%.

So, trying this treatment could prove beneficial in your daily hair styling routine.

6. Change The Shampoo After Treatment

You need to change the shampoo after having a keratin hair treatment.

Keratin Complex have their own brand of shampoo and styling products that are Sulfate-Free. It is important to use Sulphate Free products as it is sulphate that draws the Keratin out of your hair, so using these products helps your keratin last longer in your hair.

7. Choose A Hair Salon That Cares About You

Always opt for a hair salon that cares about the health of your hair.

The stylist doing the service should be fully trained in Keratin services and know the method of the different services.

So, it is important to do your research into which stylist and salon to go to.


Keratin Hair Treatment is one of the most popular hair treatment nowadays.

People are loving straight & smooth hair and that’s what they want to have!

However, you need to know everything about the keratin treatment before opting it for your hair.

Want any consultation regarding Keratin Treatment? Then, Connect With Trois On Allen. We’re one of the best hairdressers in Wellington, NZ who provides world-class services to all the customers around the globe.